North Gilmore Road Improvements

This is a widening, repair, and resurfacing project. An interlaying material, new surface course, thermoplastic pavement markings, raised pavement markers, curb, and storm sewer will be installed the length of the work limits. The existing pavement is past its useful life and the additional capacity is required due to traffic generated by the new school development. The proposed pavement replacement and shoulder additions will be a safety improvement. The improved road will include a center dual-left turn lane between Holden Boulevard and Busway Drive, shoulder widening north of Busway, and grade changes to improve the at-grade railroad crossing.

The limits for this project includes North Gilmore from Holden Boulevard to Symmes Road. Some outside funding will be provided by the Fairfield City Schools, and additional funding will be requested from The Ohio Public Works Commission.

Project Information

  • Project Bid: Winter 2017
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $1,200,000
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Estimated Completion: Fall 2018