In the Art Gallery

“Our World in Color”
Photography by Jason Lykins
January 6 – February 10

Artist Statement:
I first picked up a “professional” camera in my early teens for a photography class in high school; I was instantly hooked. There was something about spending my time in a dark room watching my images come to life that made me happy, excited and humbled all at the same moment. I work mostly in color imagery because our world isn’t black and white and because color should be celebrated. I love vibrant, full, expansive, color. It’s this color that fills my heart with joy and wonderment. My landscapes, cityscapes, and industrial photos are meant to pull the viewer in an show them something new every time they look at the piece. In my portrait work I try to capture the thought behind the person; their emotion, their feelings, and their thoughts. Light and shadow is where I play, and play I do.”

Upcoming Exhibits

Segrist Art, Michael Segrist, April 21 - June 2