1.6.1 Administrative Policies and Procedures

Standard: There shall be policies and procedures, encompassing administrative aspects of the organization that are kept up-to date, reviewed periodically, and made available to pertinent administrative and supervisory personnel. 

The City of Fairfield Administrative Policy Manual is a guide and reference source for many aspects of City operations. Policies and Procedures are authorized by the City Manager as a means of promulgating regulations and/or policies deemed necessary to expand, clarify or interpret rules with the result providing consistent application and implementation.

It is the responsibility of each Department Head to maintain one complete and up-to-date Manual of all Policies and Procedures currently in place at a location accessible to all Department employees for their ease of reference. The Policy Manual is also available online via the City of Fairfield Intranet.

The City of Fairfield Administrative Policy Manual is updated as needed throughout the year with updates posted online.