Why is my smoke detector making a funny sound (chirping)?
Any time your smoke detector goes off, it's important to pay attention. If it is sounding its loud alarm because it senses the presence of smoke, check your home thoroughly. If you smell smoke and are unable to locate a fire, call 911 and the Fairfield Fire Department will send an engine to make sure that a fire isn't smoldering in a hidden area. If you don't smell smoke, the detector may be reacting to the presence of dust, steam or a small insect or spider. Dust and bugs can be removed by a vacuum cleaner. If steam from a nearby shower is affecting your smoke detector regularly, move the detector to a different location.

If the detector is just chirping, thumping or buzzing, it probably means that the battery is low. Replace the battery as soon as possible. Without a working battery, a smoke detector cannot do it job and the risk of dying in a fire increases greatly. For more information, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 513-867-5378 or visit our Smoke Detector Guide.

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