Can I get more than one cart?
Yes. Additional recycling carts can be leased for $2.50 per month, billed quarterly. To order, please call Rumpke at 800-582-3107.

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1. Is there a charge to upgrade to the larger recycling container?
2. Can I get more than one cart?
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4. What if my new recycling cart breaks?
5. If I need a recycling cart, can I pick one up at the Fairfield Municipal building?
6. If I move, can I take the recycling cart to my new address?
7. If my cart is lost, stolen or damaged, what should I do?
8. I chose not to upgrade to the recycling cart, but I would like one after all. Can I still get one?
9. Do I need to separate recycled paper from cans and bottles?
10. I live in an apartment or condominium complex that does not have recycling. What should I do with my recyclables?