How soon can I expect my refund?

We know that receiving refunds in a timely manner is important to our taxpayers. We strive to process refund requests as quickly as possible. Some taxing agencies issue refunds up front and “chase” any improperly refunded money later after reviewing. Here at the City, we review refund requests up front, which safeguards taxpayer money and helps prevent fraud. Refund requests are processed in the order in which they are received. In some situations, a filed return requesting a refund may be incomplete. If that happens, the account clerk to whom the refund is assigned will send a letter to the taxpayer requesting any additional information needed to complete the return. 

Because each return is unique and must be reviewed before a refund can be issued, we are not able to tell you exactly when your refund will be received. Under state law, municipalities do not have to pay interest on any overpayment so long as it is refunded within ninety days after the final filing date of the annual return or ninety days after the completed return is filed, whichever is later. However, the tax office strives to process returns more quickly than that. 

You are always welcome to call the tax office if you have questions or concerns about your refund request, but please keep in mind that the account clerk with whom you speak must work the oldest completed returns first and will not be able to expedite your refund.

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