Why should I enroll in CodeRED®?
The Fairfield geographic database, and its corresponding list of landline telephone numbers, is used by the Emergency Communications Network (the company that operates CodeRED®). You should not assume that your telephone number is automatically included, especially if you do not maintain a landline, have an unlisted telephone number, or rely primarily on a mobile telephone. Please see the Who Should Enroll page.

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1. What is CodeRED®?
2. What types of emergencies will CodeRED® be used for and how often will it be used?
3. Why should I enroll in CodeRED®?
4. How do I sign up for CodeRED®?
5. Is there a cost for enrolling in CodeRED®?
6. Does enrollment in the CodeRED® Emergency Alert System automatically register me for the Severe Weather Warning System?
7. What if I don’t want all of the weather notifications provided by the Severe Weather Warning System?
8. Can I register more than 1 telephone number?
9. What if I want to opt out of all CodeRED® notifications?
10. What other communities use CodeRED®?
11. Can TTY/TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) equipment receive CodeRED® notifications?
12. What if I’m not home to receive the alert message?