What is CodeRED®?
The CodeRED® Emergency Telephone Calling System is a high-speed telephone communication service utilized to deliver information regarding urgent situations. The system is geographically based, meaning that street addresses are used to select which telephone numbers receive notification calls in a given situation. The system works with both landline and mobile telephones, but a street address is required in either case. People who retain their telephone numbers when they move into the City (or to a new address within the City) must enter their new address into the database.

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1. What is CodeRED®?
2. What types of emergencies will CodeRED® be used for and how often will it be used?
3. Why should I enroll in CodeRED®?
4. How do I sign up for CodeRED®?
5. Is there a cost for enrolling in CodeRED®?
6. Does enrollment in the CodeRED® Emergency Alert System automatically register me for the Severe Weather Warning System?
7. What if I don’t want all of the weather notifications provided by the Severe Weather Warning System?
8. Can I register more than 1 telephone number?
9. What if I want to opt out of all CodeRED® notifications?
10. What other communities use CodeRED®?
11. Can TTY/TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) equipment receive CodeRED® notifications?
12. What if I’m not home to receive the alert message?