Jamie Viers

Fire Department
Title: EMS Lieutenant / Unit 3
Phone: 513-858-8306
Jamie Viers

Jamie is assigned as an EMS Lieutenant / Unit 3. His responsibilities are to oversee daily operations of the crew at Station 32, respond to fire and EMS incidents on front-line apparatus and fills in for one of the three career captains as District 33. Jamie is assigned specific duties related to EMS, that include: continuing education seminars coordinator, CPR/AED program manager, EMS committee chair, quality assurance program and yearly drug license renewals.

Jamie's career started after he graduated from Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio in 1994. He worked in the private ambulance service while attending Sinclair Community College. He earned his basic EMT and Firefighter 1 certifications in 1996. Jamie returned to Sinclair and completed the paramedic program 1998. He worked with Miami Valley Hospital's CareFlight and part time/volunteer with the Clayton Fire Department. He was hired by the City of Fairfield Fire Department in October of 2000 and received his Firefighter 2 certification soon after. Jamie was promoted to Fire Lieutenant in April of 2008.

Beyond the minimum requirements he currently holds the following certifications: Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor, Bike Medic, Rope Rescue Technician, Confined Space Technician, Trench Collapse Technician, Structure Collapse Operations, Weapons of Mass Destruction Chemical / Biological / Nuclear / Radiological Technician, Ice Rescue Technician, and Hazmat Technician. Jamie serves as a member of the Butler County Technical Rescue Team and Fairfield Bike Paramedic team.

Personal Interests/Family
Jamie is married with 2 wonderful kids and enjoys baseball, boating and 4-wheeling. 

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