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Founders Park


  1. Gazebo
  2. Picnic Tables


Fairfield's Founders Park serves as a constant reminder of the city's beginning and of those whose efforts were significant in creating what we know as the City of Fairfield today. The park was dedicated on October 12, 1995 by the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Board in celebration of the City of Fairfield's 40th anniversary.

Despite its proximity to Nilles Road and its day-to-day traffic, the park is an idyllic setting offering an escape from the everyday. The sitting benches and gazebo create a unique space for reflection and relaxation. A brick paver walkway meanders through the park. Individual bricks bear the names of Fairfield residents and families, some commemorating the city's anniversary and others honoring a loved ones.

The park also features a plaque bearing the names of Fairfield City Council members and Parks and Recreation Board members serving at the time Founders Park was dedicated.


.5 Acres