Court Procedures

Legal Terminology

The following legal terms and definitions are frequently used in court. The purpose of this Citizens Guide is to acquaint you with these legal terms to increase your level of understanding of the trial process. For more information view the Legal Terminology (PDF) document.

Ohio Courts

The Ohio Constitution establishes 3 separate and equal branches of government - legislative, executive, and judicial. At the core of the judicial branch are the Ohio courts and the judges who preside over those courts, view the Ohio Courts (PDF) document.

Jury Service

Your help is needed to answer important questions of fact. The judge, attorneys, and parties need you to determine facts that are in dispute. We realize that your daily life is interrupted; we appreciate your help in this important process.

Most jurors find being a juror to be a positive experience - they have the opportunity to learn about our legal system and serve their community. The court staff will try to make you comfortable. For more information view the Jury Service (PDF).

Representing Yourself In Court

If you do decide to represent yourself, you need to manage all aspects of your case, for more information view the Representing Yourself in Court (PDF) document.

Why Can’t I Talk to the Judge

Two of the most important principles of the American judicial system are Fairness and Equal Treatment for All Persons. Better understand these important principles by viewing the Why Can’t I Talk to the Judge (PDF).

Rules and Information for Small Claims Court