Holden / Route 4 Intersection Improvement

As one of the busiest and most accident-prone intersections in the City, the Holden Boulevard / South Gilmore Road / Route 4 Intersection Improvement Project’s aim was to improve both the flow of traffic and the safety of those entering the intersection. The ODOT Central Office Safety Program awarded $2.4 million dollars in funding.


Prior to the completion of detailed studies and engineering design, the plan widened the intersection to accommodate additional turn lanes onto Route 4 and an additional through lane from Holden to South Gilmore. The traffic signals were upgraded to include mast arm signals and illuminated advance lane use signs. Average daily traffic was approximately 13,670 along South Gilmore, 13,880 along Holden Boulevard, and nearly 35,000 along Route 4.  Parkland Hills Drive was closed for some of the project to accommodate the realignment of South Gilmore Road. Access to all businesses remained open for the duration of the project. Bronze certified logo

This project was assessed by the Greenroads (PDF) rating system and achieved a Bronze rating.  Additionally, the project received an ACEC Honor Award

  • Project Bid: March, 8 2016
  • Bid Price: $2,056,329.28
  • Final Cost: $1,843,551.79
  • Contractor: JR Jurgensen
  • Completion: November 30, 2016