Pleasant Run Creek Riparian Corridor

Floodprone Area Map (PDF)As part of a continuing series of grants from FEMA and the Ohio Public Works Commission, the City is currently acquiring and demolishing flood prone homes in an effort to mitigate damage caused by periodic flooding. The acquired property is then permanently left as open space. Up to 17 properties will be acquired in this round of grants.

Project Information

  • Project Bid: October 3, 2011
  • Bid Price: $99,855.60
  • Demolition Contractor: Evans Landscaping
  • Project Completion: November 2013

Pleasant Run Creek Riparian Corridor Conservation Project

The City of Fairfield has been granted a Hazard Mitigation grant for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the amount of $2,716,589 for the removal of flood prone homes. This money is being matched by a second grant awarded to the City by the Ohio Public Works Commission, through the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund for $670,160. The property owners will take a reduction off of the fair market appraisal for each property. This money will be added to match the FEMA grant.


The purpose of the project is to voluntarily acquire 17 flood-prone structures in the Pleasant Run floodplain and return the land to the City of Fairfield for use as open space. The removal of these structures and their occupants from the flood hazard area, and the conservation of the land to open space satisfies goals of both grant programs.

This project will continue City efforts to create a preserved floodplain and riparian corridor along the Pleasant Run Creek. Previous efforts have included:

  • The purchase of approximately 27 acres on the west side of the creek for the preservation of the Pleasant Run Creek corridor from development and for wildlife conservation.
  • The purchase of 31 flood prone homes and the land (approximately 12 acres) utilizing FEMA Grant funding with deed restrictions that the City preserves the land as green space.


The proposed property acquisition will consist of 17 individual parcels totaling approximately 7 acres of land and 1,000 feet of stream corridor. The Clean Ohio Grant will cover the purchase of the land acquisition with a $2.7 million FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant covering the purchase and demolition of homes on the property. Once purchased, the land will serve as protection to the urban stream, a part of the larger existing preservation area which includes grasslands, woodland areas, and portions of the Pleasant Run Creek.

When combined with the previous purchases, this land will make up the third largest preservation area within the City and will be a part of the City of Fairfield Parks System. In addition the City plans on implementing a series of riparian corridor improvements to the preservation area.

Police & Fire Training

Before homes are demolished, they have been utilized for training exercises by the Fairfield-Hamilton SWAT Team, Fairfield’s Police Detectives, and Fairfield’s Fire Department. This has provided emergency personnel with an excellent opportunity to practice with multiple floor plans in real world scenarios.