The City strives to provide accurate and timely information to the community regarding current events, programs and news. A variety of tools are used to share information with citizens and others with an interest in being engaged and informed. These tools include publications, this website, and social media as well as traditional media.

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Fairfield Flyer

The Fairfield Flyer is published by the City six times each year. It is distributed to all residents and businesses in an effort to maintain the highest standards of transparency. The City takes pride in helping the community stay informed about upcoming projects, business developments, annual services, and activities. Read the most current Fairfield Flyer online. 

To view past Fairfield Flyers view Fairfield Flyer Archive.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

This report represents and reflects upon the city’s financial operations and condition to the city’s residents, its elected officials, management personnel, financial institutions, city bondholders, rating agencies and all other parties interested in the financial affairs of the city. For more information view the Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports page.