City Manager


The City Manager is appointed by City Council and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and head of the administrative branch of the City. The Manager is responsible for the proper administration of all the affairs of the City, the supervision of all City departments, preparation of the annual operating budget and oversight of financial condition, and the enforcement of all laws and Ordinances within the City. They are also responsible for the appointment and removal of all city personnel, serves as the contracting agent for the city government and assists City Council through the proposal of policy measures and initiatives for its consideration.


The Executive Assistant provides support to the City Manager’s office. She also provides general information about the City and its facilities and services, complaint resolution and other specialty services for the office, senior staff, city council and the citizens of Fairfield. Darlene Feldmann is the Executive Assistant.

Citizen Assistance Request

The City of Fairfield is dedicated to customer service and providing resolution to issues and problems residents may experience. If you have a concern, please submit the appropriate information via the Citizen Assistance Request Form.