Child Safety Seats

The Fairfield Fire Department is committed to ensuring that children riding in cars are well-protected in the event of an accident.

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To that end, the Department offers the following services to Fairfield residents, all at no cost or obligation:

  • Child safety seat inspections
  • Installation guidanceFirefighter Conducting a Child Safety Seat Inspection
  • Product recall checks
  • Informative literature
  • Training to other organizations

How Safe is Your Car Seat?

Through a free program available through the Fairfield Fire Department, specially certified personnel will inspect your car seat and demonstrate the correct way to install the device for the maximum safety of its precious occupants. Personnel have been certified through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Each of the designated firefighters has been certified by Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital concerning various safety issues regarding car seats.

To schedule an inspection and a personalized training session on the proper installation of the device in your vehicle, call the Fairfield Fire Department at 513-867-5379, or complete our online form. Upon receiving your request, a Fairfield Fire Department employee will contact you to schedule a convenient time to provide assistance.

The free review will take about 30 minutes. Inspections are scheduled on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 9 a.m. to Noon The inspection will be completed at the departments Fire Headquarters located at 375 Nilles.  

The technician will review the size, style and condition of the car seat with regard to your child, and then demonstrate the proper way to install the seat. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the seat prior to their scheduled appointment.

In cases where a seat is found to be unsafe, an appropriate loner will be provided until a safe car seat can be purchased.

Request a Child Safety Seat Inspection

Please provide as much information as possible on our online form. Upon receipt of your request, a Fire Department employee will contact you to arrange a convenient time to provide assistance.

Where to Learn More

For the convenience and education of those transporting children, the links below have been provided to further educate Fairfield residents about child safety seat use and operation.