Commercial Property Checklist

Use the questions below to gauge your building’s fire safety. Any questions answered with a "No" indicate a problem that should be addressed immediately.

Please feel free to contact the Fairfield Fire Department at 513-867-5379, or email with any questions or concerns.

  • Are decorative materials non-combustible or flame resistant?
  • Are the service areas lighted?
  • Is there at least 30 inches clearance between electrical service equipment and storage?
  • Are fused multi-plug adapters used?
  • Are extension cords being used only for temporary purposes only?
  • Are all junction boxes, switches and outlets covered?
  • Are all "Exit" signs legible?
  • Are all "Exit" signs illuminated?
  • Is the emergency lighting system operable?
  • Are the corridors or aisles leading to an exit clear of storage?
  • Are the exits visible?
  • Can the exit doors be opened without a key, special knowledge or effort?
  • Has the fire alarm system been tested within the last year?
  • Are all the fire doors kept closed, except by approved hold open devices?
  • Are the fire extinguishers in their normal location?
  • Have the fire extinguishers been inspected within the last year?
  • Has the sprinkler system been serviced and tested within the last year?
  • Is the storage 18 inches or more from the bottom of the sprinkler head?
  • Is there a supply of spare sprinkler heads?
  • Are the sprinkler valves accessible?
  • Is storage two feet or more away from the ceiling?
  • Are combustible and flammable liquids stored in approved cabinets?
  • Is combustible rubbish, oily rags or waste material kept in approved containers?