What You Can Do

Here are 10 easy ways you can stop storm water pollution:

  1. Recycle your used motor oil. Never pour used motor oil or other hazardous materials into a storm drain. Take household hazardous wastes to household waste drop-off days. Contact the Butler County Solid Waste Management District for more information on recycling and disposal at 513-887-3653.
  2. Properly manage and dispose of yard wastes (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) and don’t put them in the street, gutter, backyard ditch or a storm drain. Find out more on leaf and brush pickup programs offered by the city, or call the Public Works Department at 513-867-4200.
  3. Use a proper container for your trash and recyclables. Don’t put trash into the street or gutter where it can be washed into the storm sewer system.
  4. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on your lawn or garden. Please don’t "double the dose" just for good measure.
  5. If you have a dog, clean up its waste, and don’t allow it to pollute storm water runoff. You can properly dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or placing it in the trash for regular pickup.
  6. Use water-based paints such as latex and wash paintbrushes in the sink with water. When using paint thinner, reuse and recycle it. Never pour unused paint or paint thinner into a storm drain.
  7. Regularly maintain your car and fix any oil, radiator or transmission leaks as soon as you see them. Also, consider using a commercial car wash, instead of washing at home. The runoff from home car washing can contain detergents that are harmful to aquatic life.
  8. Use non-toxic alternatives to conventional household cleaners whenever possible. Contact the Butler County Solid Waste Management District for more information.
  9. Educate your family, friends and neighbors about storm water pollution. Spread the word.
  10. If you see a potential storm water quality problem, please call the City of Fairfield Public Works Department at 513-867-4200. Remember, water pollution is everyone’s concern.