Town Center DORA

A portion of Fairfield's Town Center area is a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). Find out how to enjoy the DORA below! 


How do I DORA?

ORDER your favorite adult beverage in a DORA cup from a participating establishment.

DRINK within the DORA. Look for the signs; they are all around you!

DISCARD your single use cup in an appropriate trash receptacle.


REPEAT responsibly!

ENJOY the DORA 12pm – 12am daily.




What do I look for?

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-01

Indicates a business that serves alcohol in a DORA cup

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-02

Indicates a business (e.g. retail store) that allows DORA cups inside

COF_DORA_WIndowCling _OL_Background-03

Indicates a business that does not permit DORA cups inside

What are the boundaries?

DORA map

DORA participating businesses may pay for DORA Cup orders online by clicking here