Summer Sewer Credit

Program Overview

The Automatic Summer Sewer Credit provides single-family residences with a discount on sewer charges where the water being used is not being returned back to the sanitary sewer system. This includes water for lawn watering, irrigation, and swimming pools. 

The credit is in effect for the months of May through October, and is calculated automatically based on a winter average consumption. In essence, all sewer consumption over 150% of an average winter month is not billed. The winter average is based on typical monthly consumption during December, January, February, and March.

Summer Credit Example

To illustrate how the summer sewer credit works, assume that a customer uses the following volumes: 6,000; 7,500; 8,000; and 6,800; during December, January, February and March, respectively. This would work out to an average of 7,075 gallons. During the summer, this customer would not be charged for any sewage above 10,613 gallons (or a volume 1.5 times the winter average).