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Water and Sewer Service License

Any person working on any part of the City's water distribution system or the sanitary sewer system or making a sewer service connection must obtain a license from the City of Fairfield.

A license may be issued to an individual or company. If a license is granted to a company, it must be issued in the name of an individual who has met our licensing requirements.

All work must be performed under the direction of a licensed individual and in accordance with the City's Design, Construction and Material Specifications Handbook.

All licenses are valid for only the year in which they were issued and must be renewed by January 1st of the following year.

The following items are required for the issuance of a license(s):

  • Submission of a completed application (please type or write legibly in ink) for each person to be licensed.
  • A $30 fee per license per person. NOTE: Sewer License and Water License are separate fees.
  • A $5,000 performance bond per license. Bond(s) shall be issued for one (1) year and must be maintained for a full calendar year after all work has been completed.
  • Liability insurance ($100,000 minimum).
  • Workers' Compensation coverage.

Licenses shall be issued only after verification of all the above items. Your license(s) will be processed more quickly if all applicable information is submitted together. Failure to maintain any of the above items will result in the cancellation of your license(s).

To obtain a water/sewer service license in person, submit the required documents to the Wastewater Division Office located at 4799 Groh Lane. If you have any questions regarding licensing, contact the Wastewater Division Office at 513-858-7760.

Water & Sewer Bonds

Water & Sewer Service License