Backflow Prevention

The City of Fairfield is required by Ohio State Law to administer a backflow prevention program as a means to protect the public water supply from potential contamination. Fairfield's program is designed to prevent the flow of water from a customer's private piping back into the public water distribution system. Backflow prevention is primarily accomplished through the installation of backflow prevention devices on a customer's water pipes.
Backflow Prevention Device

Backflow Prevention Devices

Fairfield requires backflow prevention devices on industrial and commercial water lines for the containment of potential pollution sources, to protect the public water distribution system. A reduced pressure backflow assembly is required on each water line entering an industrial or commercial building. A double-check valve assembly is required on each fire line and each fire bypass line. The Butler County Health Department, which is responsible for internal plumbing code compliance, may require additional backflow devices on internal piping for the isolation of pollution sources within a building.

Device Testing

Fairfield requires that all containment backflow prevention devices be inspected, tested, and repaired if needed, at least once every 12 months. Records of required testing are to be submitted to the City's Water Division. Failure to perform required testing may result in termination of water service. Backflow devices must be tested by an Ohio Certified Backflow Tester.

Visit the Ohio Department of Commerce website to view a complete list of Ohio Certified Backflow Testers or search for testers by county, name, and/or certificate number. You may also see a partial list of local testers by viewing the City of Fairfield Water/Sewer License Holders List (PDF). The City of Fairfield currently does not charge an administrative fee for each test, but one may be implemented.

Additional Information

For more information about Fairfield's backflow program, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 513-858-7775.