Security Procedures


Everyone entering the Municipal Court must pass through security. The security system, similar to those used at airports, detects metal objects as a person walks through an opening. When metal is detected, courtroom personnel can use handheld devices to locate the object.

Personal items, such as purses or brief cases, are passed through an x-ray type device, making objects inside extremely visible. Deputy bailiffs, who operate the system during court hours, can easily see weapons or contraband. 


No cell phones, cameras, or other recording devices are allowed in the Fairfield Municipal Court Justice Center. You must leave them in your vehicle.

Need for Security

Additional safety measures have also been instituted, but not revealed for security reasons. The need for security is the result of increasing violence in courts across the nation, many with deadly consequences.

"It’s unfortunate that courtroom violence in general has brought our society to the point where everyone must be checked for weapons," said Fairfield Municipal Court Judge Joyce Campbell. "The precautions instituted, however, will further ensure the safety of courtroom personnel and members of the public."