Benefits of the Program

Fairfield requires developers to provide sidewalks, curbs, paved streets and driveway aprons for the use of pedestrians, as well as the motoring public.

Major Concerns

These improvements were constructed to rigid specifications in order to assure a long, useful life. However, the strongest pavement materials wear out in time and need to be replaced. There are 3 major concerns that necessitate a replacement program:

  1. The potential of injury due to falling on uneven or broken sidewalks. Our 1st concern should be the safety of residents and a sidewalk replacement program addresses this issue.
  2. The national rise in liability lawsuits against property owners. A sidewalk replacement program will significantly reduce the possibility of legal action being taken against residents.
  3. By assuring that sidewalks are replaced when necessary, the City keeps its insurance rates down, resulting in a savings of tax dollars for all citizens.