Guidelines for Deeming Sidewalks "Unsafe"

These items are those that help determine whether or not a sidewalk needs replacement:

  • Any block having a crack more than 1/2-inch wide
  • Adjoining blocks or portions thereof whose edges differ vertically by more than 1/2-inch
  • Blocks that have holes in them 1/2-inch or larger in diameter or are cracked and broken so that pieces are missing or loose
  • Block having depressions, reverse cross-slope (sloping away from the street)
  • Blocks having a cross-slope in excess of 3/4-inch vertical per one foot horizontal
  • Blocks that cause a change in longitudinal grade of the sidewalk of more than 3-inches in 5 feet
  • Blocks where the surface has broken away exposing a very rough surface of coarse stone (this condition is know as "spalling")
  • Brick, stone or sandstone sidewalks are prohibited
  • Water stop boxes, gas stop boxes, etc., that are not to proper grade will be replaced