Identity Theft

Ten Steps You Can Take To Prevent Theft of Your Identity

1. Never supply your credit card number or personal information to anyone over the telephone or internet unless you have initiate the contact and you trust the company involved.

2. Guard your social security number. It is the key to your credit report.

3. Do not print your social security number on your checks.

4. Do not mail bill payments and checks from home. Take them to the post office.

5. Shred any unused checks from closed or inactive accounts.

6. Shred old bank and credit card statements, or any unneeded document that contains your identifying information such as your social security number, account numbers, etc.

7. Shred "junk mail" credit card offers.

8. Remove your name from the marketing lists of the three credit reporting bureaus. This reduces the number of pre-approved credit offers that you receive.

9. Cancel unused or inactive credit card accounts.

10. Consider subscribing to a credit report monitoring service. This service will notify you whenever someone applies for credit in your name.

Identity Theft Information

You should take immediate steps to reduce the opportunity for fraudulent use of your identifying information and to protect your credit rating. The major credit reporting services will assist you. Please call one of these credit reporting services and report this theft.

Equifax  1-888-766-0008
Experian  1-888-397-3742
TransUnion  1-800-680-7289

You should also notify the

Federal Trade Commission
ID Theft Clearinghouse

If you are contacted by anyone questioning you about attempts to use your identity, checks, or credit cards, please notify the Fairfield Police Department and reference your case number.