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On Saturday, July 27, 2018, Chief Steve Maynard and Sgt. Kevin Rednour represented the police department at our triennial review for re-accreditation. At the conclusion, the Commission approved the award of Advanced Accreditation with Excellence, and the Meritorious Award for 15 years of continuous accreditation for the Fairfield Police Department.


The members of the Fairfield Police Department are committed to resolving community concerns through effective use of problem-solving and communication skills. To find out more about the Fairfield Police Department, additional requirements for police officer candidates, and the benefits package offered by the City of Fairfield, read our latest Recruitment Brochure (PDF).

Community Services

It is the mission of the Fairfield Police Department to "...work in partnership with the community to continuously provide a safe and secure environment in which to live, work and visit."

Crime Prevention

The first and most effective line of defense to avoid becoming a victim of crime is you.

Crime Statistics

The Fairfield Police Department reports criminal offenses to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR).

Message From the Chief

Read this message from the Fairfield Police Chief.

Online Services

Residents have the option of obtaining services by completing and submitting online forms to the Fairfield Police Department.

Police Reports

When a person reports a crime or traffic accident to the Fairfield Police Department, a police officer responds to conduct a preliminary investigation and to file an official report.

Safety Tips for Businesses

Good security practices can save time and money and make your business less of a target for crime.

Solicitor Permits

The City of Fairfield has established Chapter 725 of the Fairfield Code of Ordinances which requires that solicitors obtain a permit from the Police Department.


Get in contact with the Police Department and staff.