Development Services Department Staff



Development Services Department Staff Members

Meet the department and division heads who oversee the City's Development Services Department.


Greg Kathman directs, supervises and coordinates the staff and service delivery within the Department of Development Services. Learn more about Director Greg Kathman.

Building & Zoning Superintendent

Leland Rosato supervises the Building and Zoning Division staff of the Development Services Department and serves as Master Plans Examiner. Learn more about Building & Zoning Superintendent Leland Rosato.

Zoning Enforcement Supervisor


Development Services Staff Directory

Back Row (L to R): Greg Kathman, Nathaniel Kaelin, Lynda McGuire
Front Row (L to R): Erin Donovan-Lynn, Sami Brandenburg

Planning Manager

Erin Donovan-Lynn performs short and long range city planning, and also works on a variety of re-zoning projects, planned unit development projects, and design review. Learn more about Planning Manager Erin Donovan-Lynn.

Economic Development Manager

Nathaniel Kaelin's primary roles include the attraction of new business, the retention of existing businesses, and the implementation of redevelopment strategies. Learn more about Economic Development Manager Nathaniel Kaelin.

Neighborhood Development Manager

Sami Brandenburg works to improve Fairfield neighborhoods. Sami acts as the bridge between the city and its residents.  Her primary role is to work to better neighborhoods, provide a voice for our all of our residents, and improve transparency and communication related to code enforcement. Learn more about Neighborhood Development Manager Sami Brandenburg.