Building & Zoning Division

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The City of Fairfield is currently accepting proposals for a qualified consultant to develop and implement a strategy to scan and digitize commercial building plans into a format that is easily accessible to city staff. Please follow this link for additional information.


The Building and Zoning Division protects residents’ health, safety and welfare as they relate to new construction, additions, remodeling and existing buildings.

The City of Fairfield enforces building codes, along with other adopted zoning and property maintenance codes, to protect you by making sure the building is constructed properly, that the deck won’t collapse, and that electric and heating & cooling work won’t catch fire. Securing a building permit is peace of mind.


The division assists customers by providing services such as:

  • Processing building permit applications.
  • Reviewing and approving plans and specifications for construction.
  • Issuing building permits.
  • Providing required inspections for projects until completion and occupancy.
  • Offering guidance and helpful information on how to complete your project.

The Building and Zoning Division is always willing to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Building & Zoning Codes

Learn more about the City of Fairfield Codified Ordinances, including the following chapters:

  • Chapter 11 - Zoning Code
  • Chapter 13 - Building Code
  • Chapter 15 - Fire Code