On November 19, 2022 Deputy Chief Greg Valandingham and Officer Brian Rednour represented the police department at our quadrennial review for re-accreditation. At the conclusion, the Commission awarded our police department our 7th consecutive accreditation award.  Out of the sixty-seven agencies in attendance seeking accreditation our department was the sole recipient of the Excellence Award. 

Basic accreditation (Tier 1) consists of compliance with 180 applicable standards. Advanced accreditation (Tier 2) requires compliance with 458 applicable standards. The Fairfield Police Department is a Tier 2 agency.

Award Criteria

Meritorious Award Criteria 

CALEA accredited agencies are recognized for having been accredited for 15 or more continuous years. 

 Accreditation with Excellence Award Criteria
The intent of the CALEA® Accreditation with Excellence Award is to provide agencies an opportunity to be further recognized for the effective use of accreditation as a model for the delivery of enhanced public safety services and management professionalism, including:

  • How the agency promotes progressive community engagement strategies.
  • How the agency uses data as a structured tool for business/management decisions.
  • How the agency repeatedly and progressively uses the accreditation model for outcomes management and benchmarking.
  • As an accredited public safety organization, how the agency fills a leadership status/role among peer agencies.

Recipient out of 67 Agencies

The Fairfield Police Department received the Meritorious Award for over fifteen continuous years of  accreditation.  In total, 67 agencies were reviewed during this conference and The Fairfield Police Department was the sole recipient of the Excellence Award. 

"The Fairfield Police Department embraces being a professional organization and living up to law enforcement's best practices.  This was evident to the assessment team as it examined the outcomes of the agency's systems and processes, as prescribed by CALEA standards, which have been in place for over fifteen years".