Sign Permits

All new or modified signs, even painted signs required a sign permit from the City of Fairfield’s Building and Zoning Division. Illuminated signs also require an electrical permit.

Permanent Signage

All permanent signs shall be erected by a licensed sign erector as stated in Section 1333.03(a) of the Building Code.

Please use our Online Permit Center to apply for a permanent sign permit. The following items must be submitted when applying for a permit:

Plot plan showing the building dimensions and lot frontage, and including all signs on the property.

- Sign design drawings including foundations and wind load calculations 

-The fee for a permit for the erection of any permanent sign shall be as provided in the Building Code. The fee schedule is based on the project cost.

Required Inspections

The inspections required for erecting signage in the City of Fairfield are as follows:

  • Foundation inspection (if a footing is needed, the excavation must be inspected for depth and size before the concrete is placed).
  • Sign mounting/attachment inspection (if the sign is attached to a standard or other structure).
  • Electrical inspection (if the sign is illuminated or wired for electricity).
  • Final inspection (when all work is complete).

All necessary inspections may be scheduled by calling the Building and Zoning Division at 513-867-5318.

Additional Requirements

  • Residential signs and local signs are regulated by Zoning Code, Chapter 1187 (Signs). Commercial signs are regulated by OBBC, Chapter 31, Section 3102.0.
  • A permit is required for all electrical work and the light source shall be shielded. 
  • No signs are permitted to be installed in the right-of-way. 
  • Sign types, locations and size are different for each zone district. See Chapter 1187 for design standards. 
  • No off-site signs are permitted.

Temporary Signs and Banners and Feather/Flutter Flags

You may apply for temporary signage via the Online Permit Center or by visiting the Building and Zoning Division office.

  1. A minimum of 10 days between each 10-day permit is required.
  2. Any permit issued in the same calendar year as provided in §1187.03, subsection (g), shall count as one of the twelve, 10 day periods permitted herein.
  3. Only one banner or one special event sign can be used at a time.
  4. No banner shall exceed 30 square feet.
  5. No special event sign shall exceed 24 square feet (only one side counted to compute sign area) and is not to be reflective or illuminated.  The sign must be designed with one color of lettering and one color background, however, a multi-color corporate logo and color picture with inlaid text of any color(s) is permitted.  The sign must be constructed as an "A-Frame" or mounted via post to the ground. No cabinet signs are permitted to be used as special event signs.  The maximum height of a special event sign is 6 feet.
  6. Lettering on banners must be silkscreened, stenciled, created with vinyl letters or sewn into the fabric or material. Banners are permitted only upon existing buildings, canopies, canopy supports and existing sign supports.
  7. Special event signs are to be manufactured. Lettering is to be digitally printed, machine cut, or vinyl press on letters.  The lettering is not to be hand painted.
  8. Businesses which open during a calendar year shall be entitled to a proportionate amount of time for promotional signage based upon the portion of the calendar year remaining after the Grand Opening signage period and 30-day waiting period, if Grand Opening signage is used.
  9. Grand opening signs are not to exceed 60 days. No flashing lights are permitted and maximum size is 32 square feet.  After the grand opening, a 30-day waiting period is required before promotional signs, as defined in Section 1187.03(i), will be permitted.
  10. Feather/Flutter Flags: Feather/Flutter flags must be limited to two such flags per business, placed at least two (2) feet out of the right-of-way and adequately secured and anchored. These devices are to be located no closer than 20 feet from the roadway edge, cannot be wider than three feet at their widest dimension and cannot extend any higher than 15 feet from immediate grade/pavement at the base.

The fee for a grand opening or promotional event sign shall be $10.30 for each 10 days, or part thereof, for which the signs are permitted. In addition to any other permitted signage and only in specifically authorized zoning districts, banners and special event signs may be permitted for a maximum of 12 periods in a calendar year, not to exceed 10 days each upon issuance of a temporary permit and payment of a fee.

Signs that do not require a permit:

  • Construction signs
  • Property improvement signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Wall signs that are either not internally illuminated, are 1 inch or less in thickness and do not exceed 9 square feet, or are painted on the wall structure itself
  • Window signs