Contractor Licensing

OverviewMan standing with paper work in construction zone

Prior to performing any work in the City of Fairfield, a contractor must register with the Building Inspection and Zoning Division for heating, air conditioning and electric. Sign erectors must obtain a license.

Additionally, persons engaged in the construction of water (both domestic and fire) and sewer taps must be licensed through the Public Utilities Department’s Wastewater Division.

How to Apply for Registration or Licensing

Registration to Perform Electrical & HVAC Work

Individuals wishing to obtain electrician, heating, ventilation or air conditioning registration must submit an Contractor Registration Application (PDF) (minimum requirements must be met) and payment of a $100 application fee. Contractors must have a current HVAC or electrician license by the State of Ohio to be registered with the City.

Sign Erectors

Sign erectors must take an exam and pay a $100 application fee. Contractors need to submit an Application for Sign Erectors License (PDF) (minimum requirements must be met) for approval by the Building Official. Once the application is approved a testing date will be scheduled. A passing grade of 70% must be achieved to obtain a license.

Registration & Licensing Details

Registrations and licenses are valid for the calendar year in which issued and are renewed annually thereafter (December 31 expiration) upon submitting a $35 renewal fee. All applicants must submit proof of insurance with a minimum of the following, $250,000 property damage and $250,000 to $500,000 bodily injury.