Property Maintenance

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Reporting Your Concerns

Most homeowners take great pride in their property and make diligent efforts to maintain every aspect of their home. The collective efforts of homeowners has a significant impact on the desirability of a community. When one property falls into disrepair or fails to meet local codes, the situation impacts adjacent homes.

Neighbors of vacant property or properties with maintenance issues are encouraged to contact the Building Inspection and Zoning Division at 513-867-5321 or Email Property Maintenance to initiate City involvement. The name of the person filing the complaint is not reported to the property owner.

In most cases, the property owner will remedy the issue after being contacted by the City. If the property owner does not remedy the issue in a timely manner, the City can initiate legal action that allows it to step in to maintain the property.

Most Common Property Maintenance Violations

Like most thriving communities, Fairfield has local rules and legislation to promote safety and repair of property. Over the years, some violations have been identified by inspectors as being those most often cited in complaints:

  1. Overgrowth: Grass must be cut below a height of 8 inches. All obnoxious weeds, brush, stumps and other vegetative overgrowth must be cut down and disposed of properly.
  2. Garbage and Debris: Litter and debris cannot collect and remain on a property. Typical violations involve broken or dilapidated furniture, household products, construction materials, and other unsightly or unsanitary items.
  3. House Maintenance: Typical house structure violations include broken windows, roof and gutter problems, missing wall siding, and peeling paint.
  4. Inoperable/Unlicensed Vehicles: Motor vehicles or trailers that are not operable and/or not properly licensed may not be kept on a property unless it is specifically zoned for such vehicles. Residential areas typically are not zoned for storage of such vehicles; they may only be kept for a period up to 72-hours.
  5. Parking: Motor vehicles or trailers may not be parked on grassy areas. All off-street driveways and parking areas must be paved.
  6. Accessory Structures: All accessory structures, including garages, sheds, fences, retaining walls and swimming pools must be properly maintained and in good working condition.