Muskopf Road / Rita Mae Drive Storm Sewer Improvements

When heavy rains runoff the hillside behind Harbin Park, a flood of mud and debris frequently overwhelm the storm sewer at the bottom of the hill.  The end result is streets covered with several inches of mud and drywells filled to the brim with muck.  Cleanup is a substantial drain on City resources.

To address this problem, the City, working with engineering firm Strand Associates, designed a relief storm sewer to capture and convey the mud and debris from the bottom of the hill near Muskopf to the detention basin at the end of Rita Mae Drive.  Along Rita Mae, between Muskopf and the cul-del-sac, construction of this project includes a new 36" storm pipe, catch basins, curb, and a new surface course of asphalt.  At the pipe inlet, a new concrete headwater basin will guide storm flow into the pipe while capturing larger debris.

Work within the detention basin will include a new outlet headwall, concrete sawing to remove the lips of existing concrete channels (to improve the efficiency of post-storm cleanup), and a re-routed concrete channel to ensure positive flow.

The project is expected to commence after Labor Day 2020 and be finished by the end of the year.

Project Information

  • Project Bid: July 7, 2020
  • Estimated Construction Cost: $637,808
  • Contractor: Majors Enterprises
  • Estimated Completion: Spring 2021