2022 Annual Overlay

The City’s overlay program is an annual maintenance project that replaces deficient curb and resurfaces old pavement. Each year, streets are selected to be included in this project based on the current condition and age of the pavement. Residents, businesses and motorists can expect temporary delays and closures as crews perform the necessary work. This year's paving program received $785,000 in funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission.  Streets for this year’s curb and overlay include:

Street Extents
Union Centre Blvd Seward to Corp Limit
Bobmeyer Rd 2011 Paving Limit to Railroad
East Airport Rd Bobmeyer to Terminus
Tedia Way Symmes to Bohlke
Bohlke Blvd Tedia to N. Gilmore
Busway Ln N. Gilmore to Donald
Distribution Circle Northpointe to Terminus
Eastpoint Dr Northpointe to LeSaint
Northpointe Dr Distribution to Terminus
Sherwood Dr Boehm To Camelot
Boehm Dr Rt 4 to S. Gilmore
Boehm Ct Boehm to Terminus
Martha Ln Boehm to Boehm
Ewing Dr Boehm to Boehm
Reserve Ct Boehm to Terminus
Parkland Hills Dr Boehm to S. Gilmore
Heffron Dr Parkland Hills to Terminus
Deis Dr Wessel to Terminus
Village Dr Deis to Terminus
Terrace Ct Village to Terminus
Zack Ct Village to Terminus
Meadow Curt Village to Terminus
Glade Ct Village to Terminus
Valley Ct Village to Terminus
Green Dr Village to Fairfield Commons
Fairfield Commons Dr Wessel to Wessel
City Center Ln Fairfield Commons to Corydale
Circle Dr City Center to Terminus
Town Ct Circle to Terminus
Old Tower Ct Sherry to Terminus
Chablis Ct Sherry to Terminus
Port Ct Sherry to Terminus
Sherry Ln Terminus to Circle
Valley Forge Dr Terminus to Terminus
Brockton Dr Valley Forge to Williamsburg
Independence Pl Williamsburg to Terminus
Williamsburg Way Winton to Terminus
Jamestown Pl Winton to Terminus
Cavalier Ct Symmes to Terminus
Calumet Way Pleasant to Terminus
Clairborne Ct Calumet to Terminus
Oak Tree Dr Winton to Terminus
Walther Dr Oak Tree to Terminus
Randy Dr Oak Tree to Clara Bea
Wilkens Ct Randy to Terminus
Clara Bea Ln Randy to Monica
Charter Oak Dr Monica to Walther
Sigmon Way Oak Tree to Charter Oak
Intersection of Bypass 4/Port Union Rd  
Intersection of Byapss 4/Diversion Rd  

Project Information

  • Curb Contractor: Prus Construction
  • Curb Budget Price: $1,400,000
  • Pavement Contractor: John R. Jurgensen
  • Pavement Budget Price: $2,700,000
  • Estimated Completion: Late Summer/Early Fall 2022