2023 North Gilmore / Busway / Donald CDBG Sidewalk

This project will install a sidewalk to connect the High School and Freshmen School to the Crossroads Middle School on Donald Drive.  It will provide a sidewalk in compliance with current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.  Once completed, there will be a continuous pedestrian path along North Gilmore and Busway, picking up where last year's sidewalk project left off.  The project will include solar warning signs for crossings at Busway and North Gilmore and Busway and Donald.

The project is primarily funded by Community Development Block Grant funds.  This sidewalk was identified as a priority in the City's active transportation plan, Fairfield Connects.

Project Information

  • Project Bid: March 2023
  • Construction Contract Price: $338,682
  • Contractor: Prus
  • Project Completion: Fall 2023